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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Nail Polish

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Nail Polish

What could possibly go wrong with a simple pedicure or manicure? Well, a lot of things can go wrong. Fortunately, there are easy measures to prevent accidents. To up your manicure game, read about some frequent mistakes to avoid when applying nail polish!

1. Leaving out the Base Coat

Your natural nails may become stained by the chemical components of nail polish. Fortunately, a base coat offers a flat surface for polish and nail art while shielding your nails from what brand of nail polish lasts the longest polish stains. All nail looks require a base coat, therefore you should never skip this step!

2. Applying Too Much Nail Polish

Applying too much polish is a common nail polish application error to avoid. Usually, two coats of polish are sufficient. Applying too many layers causes the polish to dry improperly and look "thick." The best nail polish effects come from applying thin, even coats. Before adding a second coat of polish, let the first coat dry in order to create deeper pigmentation.

3. Making Errors Go Away With Q-Tips

Cosmetic errors do occur, but how you deal with them is crucial. People frequently use Q-tips to remove polish because the tiny applicator is convenient to use. Q-tips should not be used to fix nail polish problems, though. Your nails will become stuck to the cotton, leaving behind more fuzz. This makes the nail look unattractive and is difficult to get rid of. To correct mistakes, it's recommended to use a little makeup brush dipped in polish remover!

4. Cutting short the polish topcoat

Don't forget to apply a topcoat polish after your base coat. This polish hardens the finish and "locks in" your manicure. Your manicure and pedicure's durability will depend on the topcoat. It also leaves a lustrous surface and prevents chipping. Apply the topcoat evenly once the polish has been applied, and then wait until it has dried. Your immaculate nail look will be finished if you do this.



5. Hasty Nail Drying

Rushing the curing process is an easy way to destroy your nails. Manicures and pedicures require 20 minutes to dry when using standard polish. Of course, gel manicures are an exception because the nails must be cured under an LED or UV lamp. Generally speaking, nail polish lasts the longest without chipping you should allow enough time for your nail to appear dry. This provides a long-lasting manicure or pedicure and prevents smearing.

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