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Five Causes of Gel Polish Peeling Off Acrylics

Gel polish peeling is the last thing you want to happen to your acrylic set. Thankfully, we know who the perpetrators of this incident are. For additional details, review these five causes of your gel polish flaking off your acrylics.

1. Not Correctly Cure

Inadequate curing is one of the main causes of gel polish peeling. The application of gel polish requires UV or LED lamps. Old lamps with broken bulbs are insufficient to strengthen your nails. If you have a nail beauty supply store near me new lamp and are having problems, reevaluate your curing times. Depending on the polish, you should typically hold your hand under the lamps for 30 to 60 seconds. Removing your hand before recommended curing times will affect your nails.

2. Too Smooth a Surface on the Nail

For a gel manicure, a smooth nail surface is not recommended. Essentially, the polish won't attach correctly if your nail surface is too smooth. Avoid over-buffing your nail tips to prevent a shiny finish. To achieve the greatest results, leave some roughness. Your manicure will last longer if you do this.

3. Oil Can Be Seen on Your Hands

Your hands are moisturized by lotion, cuticle oil, and soap. Oil and excessive moisture, if present before a gel manicure, will weaken the adhesion of the polish, making it simple to pull off. It's ok nail and beauty supply near me to wash your hands before getting a manicure because it removes dust. Please refrain from using soap or applying moisturizers, though.

4. Too Much Polish Coating

The fact that the polish coats are too thick is a big factor in why your gel finish is coming off of your acrylics. It makes sense because one feature of gel polish is that it is thicker than conventional polish and dip powder. To avoid thick coats, you must apply polish with a brush in thin coats. Applying too many thick coatings could prevent your nails from curing properly.

5. Not Preventing Nail Chips

It's important to take care of your hands after getting a manicure. Avoid picking at your nails and rubbing them against hard objects. Using your nails to open cans or boxes is a certain method to chip gel off your acrylics. Additionally, the manicure will be hampered if you bite nail supply store open to public or scratch your fingernails. In the end, it's ideal to contribute to the prevention of nail chipping.

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