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How Much Should You Tip at a Nail Salon?

Don't allow the stress of calculating the appropriate tip ruin the enjoyment of having your next manicure. We did the calculations for you!
A excellent method to improve your attitude and engage in self-care is to get your nails and feet done. It's also a great way to unwind and unwind if you add in some hand and foot massages—until you have to pay the bill and figure out how much to tip, that is. Instead of concentrating on how to make your manicure last longer, you're busy attempting to conduct mental math when trying to figure out how much to tip at the nail shop.

We've got you, so it's ok. When, to whom, and how much to tip at nail salons? That is the question we posed to etiquette experts, manicure technicians, and salon owners. After best nail supply store near me you're familiar with it, make sure you are aware of additional scenarios when tipping is appropriate, including how much to give your hairdresser and how much to the hotel housekeeping.

1. Does your nail technician deserve a tip?

The beauty services sector includes nail technicians, and in the US, tipping is traditional for service providers. According to Sharon Schweitzer, a renowned authority on tipping etiquette, they depend on tips to produce a sizable percentage of their income, so you should always prepare to tip the person providing you with a manicure or pedicure. If you have a long-standing relationship with a particular nail technician, try leaving a supplementary tip over the holidays, says Schweitzer. Tipping is polite to do at the conclusion of each visit. This advice also pertains to dining manners in a restaurant.

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2. What percentage should you leave at the nail salon?

The industry standard for tipping a nail technician is 15% to 20% of the total price, although this might differ between nations, locations, and salons, according to Sharon-Frances Moore, owner of Shances, a New York-based etiquette firm. Furthermore, over the past two years, tipping practices have undergone a significant adjustment. According to Moore, there was an uptick in people overtipping for services across all businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic to lessen the financial strain on employees. We are currently observing a return to customary tipping, which for a nail technician is between 15% and 20%, independent of the service.

How much should I tip for a $50 pedicure, for instance? A regular tip is $7.50, an excellent tip is $10, and a terrific tip is $13 if your nail technician went above and above for you.

The owner of Almond Nails and trained nail technician Jemma Wilson agrees that the customary gratuity is 15% of the total bill, while there are some locations—such as resort towns or upscale spas—where it may be greater. If you're unsure, look up the salon's information online or give them a short phone before visiting.

3. More factors to consider when tipping at a nail salon

Our etiquette experts also offer the following additional advice regarding tipping at nail salons so as to avoid making mistakes:

  • Never leave a tip of less than $5. Consider rounding up the tip to $5 if all you're getting is a $20 color change for your nails.
  • You should base your tip on the standard rate for the service if you're using a coupon, discount code, or gift card.
  • Give your usual nail technician a holiday tip that is about equal to what you would normally spend at the salon. Put the money and a nice message in an envelope.
  • Consider providing a positive internet review for your nail technician in addition to giving them money if you're a satisfied customer. This is potentially relevant and beneficial.

4. Should you provide a bigger tip for specific services?

Different nail services demand different amounts of labor. How much should you tip a nail technician for acrylics, for instance? And what percentage do you leave for gel nails? They are much more involved services than a simple manicure. According to our experts, there are a few situations where you want to think about leaving a tip of at least 25%:

  1. if you have very damaged nails.
  2. If you receive any extras, like as prolonged hand massages or hand-drawn nail art.
  3. Whether you're receiving a whole set of custom-made acrylic nails, gel nails, dip nails, or other "nails" (though tip fill-ins and touch-ups can be tipped the regular rate).

5. How much is appropriate to leave for a pedicure?

When it comes to nail maintenance, toes are no different than fingers. Wilson advises sticking to what's the best gel nail polish brand the same tipping guidelines of 15% to 20% when receiving a pedicure. Check out these straightforward methods for the ideal DIY pedicure at home if money is tight.

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6. Should you leave a cash tip?

When feasible, pay in cash and give it to the nail technician right away. According to Moore, this prevents salon owners from delaying payment and assures that the entire tip gets to the person who performed the service for you. Should you provide a tip to the nail salon proprietor? Without the owner performing the repair, this is not necessary. Provide a positive online review and recommend the salon to others if you wish to support the salon owner.

7. If you don't like your nails, should you tip?

The first thing to do if you're unhappy with your nails is to talk to your nail technician and offer them nail wholesale supply near me the choice to make it right, advises Wilson. When the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction, she advises leaving your customary tip or maybe a little extra because they went above and beyond. Even if you're hesitant to speak up at the salon, tip at the lower end of the range, such as 10%.

In spite of this, Wilson adds, "tipping is discretionary, and if a consumer is genuinely dissatisfied or had a really horrible experience, they can forego tipping entirely."

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