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Salon Advice on Keeping Your Nail Polish Bottles Safe

You must keep nail polish properly after opening a bottle to prevent clumping, discolouration, or hardening. It takes more than just shutting the bottle and setting it off to the side to store nail paint properly. Read on to discover some salon storage advice for your nail paint bottles!

1. Clean and Close Bottles Correctly

When nail polish dries and spills across the bottle's sides, it can be challenging to close the bottle. When you go back vietnamese nail supply near me  to the bottle, the spilt polish may have formed a "seal" around the rim, making it difficult to open. In order to prevent accidents, you must thoroughly clean and seal your bottle before storing it.

2. Keep bottles in a cool, dark location.

Your nail polish can be damaged by heat and humidity. To slow down polish deterioration, it's ideal to keep your nail polish bottles in a cold, dark location. To keep them secure, put them in a drawer, makeup bag, or closet. If you're keeping them in a makeup bag, keep it away from windows and places where it will be exposed to direct sunlight because the heat will harm the polishes.

3. Keep the bottles upright.

Always keep your bottles upright when storing them. Polishes can become difficult to open and harden when laid on their sides. In addition, if the bottles are not nail accessories shop near me sitting upright, nail polish can leak out and make a mess. To make sure they stand straight, put them in a basket or nail paint holder.

4. Sometimes Shake Bottles

If you don't use nail polish frequently, shake your bottles once in a while. They won't be able to settle and separate if this is done. Take your nail paint out of its storage locations once a month, and give the bottles a quick shake. You can then put them back in their storage space.

5. Buy back-up bottles

Don't let a cracked bottle or a damaged brush shorten the useful life of your nail polish! You can buy empty nail polish bottles in bulk to guarantee that you have plenty of backup options in case something breaks or chips rather than throwing away a good nail polish. Keep in mind to shut the backup bottle after using it and store it with your other nail paints!

We hoped you found these salon storage suggestions for nail paint bottles to be useful. Check out the products nail wholesale supply near me offered by Yournailsupplier Wholesale Supply if you're looking for nail polish and other nail supplies. We offer all the supplies you need for a perfect manicure or pedicure, including nail prep kits and jewels.

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