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3D Lightwood Handle Acrylic Sculpture Nail Art Brush #4

$21.99 $23.99

How to use acrylic brushes

The nails should be clean, dry, and well-shaped before beginning to apply acrylic with an acrylic brush. Apply nail tips or shapes, if desired. Dip the brush into the acrylic fluid, allowing it to get barely saturated. Grab the acrylic powder and tap off any excess. Apply a wet acrylic bead close to the cuticle region, softly spread it toward the tip, and then shape and sculpt it with the brush. Give it time to totally dry. Repetition is required for every nail. Finish with a top coat to increase durability and luster after shaping and refining the nails to the desired form.

Utilized for 3-D acrylic flowers:

  • Artistic usage of a rounded wood handle to make 3D acrylic flowers is also possible.
  • high caliber
  • Simple to reuse and clean.
  • Lightweight and convenient for travel