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BE WITCH YOU - Nail Lacquer - Kiara Sky - Gel Polish

$2.99 $4.99


  • May your manicure last forever and be the must-have shade of the season. Become Witch You! With the addition of warm, enchanted undertones, we modified the traditional plum shade to produce a color that could only be produced by magic.
  • "Introducing an original new recipe with consideration for adaptability and reliability. In addition to nail lacquer, gel polish, and our ground-breaking revolutionary powder formula that can be used with either of our KS Dip Powder Glazes or our KS EMA Monomer, Kiara Sky Nails' All-in-One Collection offers over 100 exquisite colors!
  • This highly pigmented and silky solution is simple to work with and gives your nails strong, smooth, and long-lasting color regardless of your preferred application method."