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CND Shellac - CND Nail - CND - Buy Shellac Nail Polish - Shellac Alluring Amethyst - SKU: 22001

$11.99 $12.99


  • The design of CND Shellac's special soak-off gel polish formula has made it the product with the highest global sales to date.
  • Under UV lights, the Shellac gel will cure beautifully and last for up to 2 weeks. The ideal mirror finish is the greatest for manicures because it is stunning and won't chip.
  • Shake the ingredients to combine. Apply a tiny layer to each of the five nails after using Shellac Base Coat and curing it. Cure in the CND UV Lamp for two minutes.
  • On the other hand, repeat. Then, repeat the technique to apply the second layer of color. Apply Shellac Top Coat next.