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DD139 - Ice Plant - Igel Beauty Dip and Dap Colors

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This two-piece set includes both standard and gel polish. The gel polish comes in a clear bottle and must be dried with a UV lamp. The clear container's standard polish dries without the use of a UV lamp.

  • Available in complementary Dip & Dap Powder
  • Natural Nails Strengthen and Grow with Long-Lasting, Durable Wear
  • Damage-free Soak Off and Simple Removal
  • Size 15 ml

Application of Gel Polish

  • Before you begin, you should trim, file, and buff your nails.
  • Allow 30 seconds for the Gel Base Coat to dry.
  • Allow 60 seconds for your chosen color to cure after applying it.
  • If you want to add a second layer, go to Step 3.
  • Allow the Gel Top Coat to dry for 60 seconds after applying it.
  • You should use cuticle oil on your nails.

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