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DND DC Dap Dip Powder - 266 Deep Paradise

$7.99 $12.99

  1. DND DC Dip and DAP powders offer durable, long-lasting, and chip-resistant manicures.
  2. With easy application and quick-drying formulas, DND DC Dip and DAP powders deliver professional-quality results.
  3. These versatile powders come in a wide range of high-quality pigments, providing endless color options for trendy nail looks.
  4. Available in matching Gel Polish & Lacquer
  5. Can be used as Dip or Acrylic
  6. Easy Soak Off
  7. Size: 1.6oz

How to Apply as Dip:

To apply dip powder, follow these steps: First, prep nails by trimming, shaping, and buffing. Apply a bonding agent to ensure powder adhesion. Next, apply a base coat and dip nails into the powder. Repeat this process for desired thickness. Afterward, apply an activator to harden the base layer. Repeat the base coat and dip, followed by the activator. Lastly, file and shape the nails, then apply a top coat to seal the powder. Buff and clean for a smooth finish.

Produced in the USA

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