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Igel Beauty Acrylic Powder - DD055 - Miss Sunshine

$7.99 $12.99

Purely nostalgic recollections Hands are left with a lovely, streak-free finish after using baby powder. White can be described as neutral, warm, or both. The world can change.

Your nails will continue to grow longer, maintain their gloss, and appear more naturally long. Instead of using dangerous chemicals, we added vitamins and calcium to our iGel Dip & Dap Powder collection to strengthen your natural nails.

This dip and dap allows for three-dimensional dipping, dapping, and ombréing. possesses a beauty accreditation and offers 247 hues.

Dip & Dap Powder - iGel Beauty

Igel Dip Powder is an innovative nail enhancement system that has gained popularity for its durability and versatility. It involves a three-step process: applying a base coat, dipping the nails into a colored powder, and sealing with a top coat. This creates a strong and long-lasting manicure that can withstand daily activities without chipping or lifting. Igel Dip Powder offers a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing individuals to express their style and creativity. It is odorless, requires no UV/LED curing, and provides added strength to natural nails, making it an excellent choice for those seeking beautiful and resilient nail enhancements.

How to apply Dip Powder?

To apply dip powder, start by preparing your nails, shaping and pushing back cuticles. Apply a base coat and dip your nails into the powder, tapping off the excess. Repeat the process for desired thickness. Apply an activator to harden the powder, then file and shape your nails. Finish with a top coat to seal and provide a glossy finish. Buff and clean for a smooth and flawless result. Remember to follow proper sanitation and hygiene practices throughout the process.