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Igel Dip Powder - DD071 - Caribbean Sea

$7.99 $12.99

Purely nostalgic memories Hands have a lovely, streak-free finish thanks to baby powder. White can either be neutral, warm, or both. It is feasible to change.

Your nails will continue to grow longer, shine consistently, and seem longer than they actually are. The toxic chemicals in our iGel Dip & Dap Powder line have been replaced with vitamins and calcium to strengthen your natural nails.

This dip and dap can be used to create three-dimensional dipping, dapping, and ombré effects. contains 247 colors and has a beauty certification.

Dip & Dap Powder - iGel Beauty

Igel Dip Powder is an innovative nail enhancement system that has gained popularity for its long-lasting and durable properties. It involves a process where fine acrylic powder is applied to the nails, offering a strong and vibrant coating. Unlike traditional acrylic or gel nails, Igel Dip Powder is odorless and does not require UV or LED curing. The application method is straightforward, and removal is easy using acetone or a dip powder remover. This versatile system provides added strength to natural nails, promoting growth and reducing breakage. With a wide array of colors and designs, Igel Dip Powder allows for creative and stunning nail art.

How to apply Dip Powder?

  1. Prep nails: Trim, shape, and push back cuticles. Buff the surface gently.
  2. Apply bond: Use a bonding agent to ensure powder adhesion.
  3. Base coat: Dip nails into the base powder.
  4. Activator: Brush activator to harden the base layer.
  5. Repeat: Base coat, dip, activator, until desired thickness.
  6. File & shape: Smooth out any bumps.
  7. Apply top coat: Seal the powder with a top coat.
  8. Finalize: Buff and clean for a shiny and long-lasting finish. Practice is essential for mastering the technique.