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Kiara Sky Acrylic Pink Brush - Nail Brush

$27.99 $29.99

The pace needs to pick up! We now offer our iconic Kiara Sky Pink Kolinsky Acrylic Brush, which is our best-selling product. With 7 distinct brush sizes to pick from, experience unmatched precision when applying acrylic. This acrylic nail brush was thoughtfully developed and entirely handmade using the best materials to bring your ideas to life and is built to last. The ergonomic KS pink crystal cut acrylic handle, the acetone-resistant base, and the curve design for a simple and flawless acrylic application are just a few of the thoughtful details that go into making a Kiara Sky Kolinsky acrylic brush. Pink is where perfect sets start!

How to use acrylic brushes

To apply acrylic using an acrylic brush, start by prepping the nails—clean, dry, and free of any polish or oils. Optionally, apply nail tips for length. Dip the brush into acrylic liquid, ensuring it's saturated but not dripping. Pick up acrylic powder and tap off excess. Place a wet bead of acrylic near the cuticle, gently shaping and sculpting with the brush. Allow it to dry. Repeat for each nail. File and shape the nails, then buff them for a smooth finish. Apply a top coat to enhance shine and provide protection. Enjoy your beautifully enhanced acrylic nails!