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LET'S FLAMINGLE - Kiara Sky Gel - Kiera Sky

$2.99 $4.99


  1. This season, cocktails are your best friend, and this color is sure to become your go-to nail polish, exactly like a flamingo's feathers!
  2. We'll always find you by the sea, daydreaming about your wildest bubblegum, flamingo, and baby pink fantasies while admiring how they come to life in your summer manis! Make your nails stand out and flake together now!
  3. "Kiara Sky Nails' All-in-One Collection features over 100 gorgeous colors available in nail lacquer, gel polish, and our innovative new powder formula that can be used with our KS Dip Powder Glazes or our KS EMA Monomer!
  4. No matter your go-to application process, this highly pigmented and smooth formula is consistent and versatile," the company says.