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OPI Gel Colors - OPI Colors - OPI Infinite Shine 2 - Closer Than You Might Belém

$5.99 $8.99


  • The Infinite Shine technique, which delivers up to 11 days of wear and shine that resembles gel, consists of three steps.
  • If you had a unique tone that will pop, you would stand out even in the tropical climate.
  • The ideal choice for important occasions when you want to make a lasting impression.

How to Apply:

1. Completely clean the nails with an OPI Expert Touch Nail Wipe dipped in N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution after giving them a decent manicure.

2. Shake the mixture thoroughly, then apply one layer to each nail.

3. After thoroughly combining the chosen Infinite Shine color, shake it, and then paint each nail with two thin coats. Work on both hands simultaneously to ensure full drying as opposed to