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SNOW BUNNY - Kiara Sky Gel - Kiara Sky at Yournailsupplier

$2.99 $4.99


  1. In the development of this milky white hue, which was inspired by their winters fur, no snow bunnies were injured. Every nail kit needs to include this brilliant white color!
  2. Introducing an original new recipe with consideration for adaptability and reliability. In addition to nail lacquer, gel polish, and our ground-breaking revolutionary powder formula that can be used with either of our KS Dip Powder Glazes or our KS EMA Monomer, Kiara Sky Nails' All-in-One Collection offers over 100 exquisite colors!
  3. This highly pigmented and silky solution is simple to work with and gives your nails strong, smooth, and long-lasting color regardless of your preferred application method.