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Spa Chair - BM21 Pedicure Spa Chair Complete Set with Pedi Stool

$2,799.99 $2,899.99


The Auto Full Function description Upper Back, Full Back, Lower Back Massage – Auto Completed 10/20/30 Mins with 3 Massage Modes
Shoulder, lower back, and acupressure massage
The Manual Five massage Function:

  1. Knocking, Flapping, and Kneading; Pressing; Flapping; Kneading; Speed; Width; Back Stretching; Forward and Backward (Power Seat); Incline; and Recline; Back to Default When Power Off; Auto Filling; Venting Hood; Ultra-Leather; and Manicure Trays.
  2. Additional Features: Built-in Remote, Personal Bag Hanger, USB Charger, Armrest, and Cup Holder (for New Model).
  • Spa Model: White Base: BM21
  • Silver bowl
  • Carbon fiber; leather
  • G490 massage chair
  • Inventor: Texas, USA
  • Pedi Stool: Complementary Color