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SUGAR HIGH - Kiara Sky Gel Nail Polish - Kiera Sky

$2.99 $4.99


  1. This enticing shade of vanilla seems edible! Look no further than "Sugar High" to give your nails a delicious candy-coating if you've been hunting for the ideal nude with peachy overtones!
  2. Introducing a novel new recipe designed with adaptability and reliability in mind.
  3. The All-in-One Collection from Kiara Sky Nails includes more than 100 exquisite hues that are offered in nail lacquer, gel polish, and our ground-breaking revolutionary powder formula that can be used with either our KS Dip Powder Glazes or our KS EMA Monomer!
  4. Whatever your preferred method of application, this highly pigmented and fluid product is simple to use and gives your nails strong, smooth, and long-lasting color.
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