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WILD AT HEART - Kiara Sky USA - Kiara Sky Professional Nails

$8.99 $12.99


  1. You're unafraid to stand out since you're wild at heart! Since you're original and creative, you need colors that reflect your wacky personality, and this one does just that!
  2. The ideal complement to your nail kit is a combination of matte glitters in blush pink and baby blue! This matte glitter can be worn in so many different ways! Use it as a topper, a full nail cover, or even to create glitter ombres! You set the guidelines, so have fun with it!
  3. With our simple-to-use dip powder and dip basics, you may have nails that are stronger, lighter, and last longer naturally. To strengthen natural nails, Kiara Sky dip powder is made without harsh chemicals and with extra vitamins and calcium.
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